Vtuvia’s SN100 – An Impressive Hunting E-Bike For The Price [A Review]

Vtuvia’s SN100 is marketed as a hunting e-bike, likely because of its camo paint job, but it’s got the goods to stand alone as a versatile all-terrain vehicle for anyone trying to venture off the beaten path.

With a 750W rear hub motor and 85Nm of torque, the SN100 has enough horsepower to tackle aggressive off-roading and the 4″ fat tires allow competent handling on any terrain.

The 672Wh battery isn’t going to set any range records, but when paired with a torque sensor, this bike can still get ya upwards of 50 miles on a single charge, which is impressive for a fat tire e-bike.

That’s right, the SN100 comes with a torque sensor, a feature that’s rare in this price range and this fact alone might be reason enough to choose this model.

But Vtuvia includes a few extra goodies that sweeten the deal, like a free phone mount and a heavy-duty rear rack.

The biggest downside is that with a standover height of 31″, shorter riders might have a hard time accessing this ride.

But otherwise, I think the SN100 is a great deal for the price.

Before you decide though, you need to learn the whole story – and that’s what I’m here to help with.

In this thorough review, I’ll go over everything this e-bike does and doesn’t have going for it, but I’ll do ya one better and also compare it to some of the top comps in its price range.

After reading, you’ll know whether or not the SN100 is worth investing in.

Vtuvia’s SN100 comes with impressive performance specs and great features, making it a great deal for riders looking for a reasonably-priced all-terrain or hunting e-bike, but folks under 5’8″ will likely have a hard time finding a comfortable fit.

Quick Stats

Motor750W rear hub
Top Speed28 mph
RangeUp to 52 miles
Weight limit330 lb
Weight72 lb

Vtuvia’s SN100 Fat Tire Hunting E-Bike

SN100 26 Inch Hunting Fat Tire E-Bike

Vtuvia’s a pretty affordable e-bike brand with a nice selection of bikes to choose from.

As I’m writing this, all but one of their e-bikes, the Gemini, is priced under $2k (and that one’s only like $100 over $2k, so still not bad).

They have a little bit of everything when it comes to e-bike styles, including a couple of folding options.

And several of their e-bikes come with fun animal names, like “Reindeer”, “Antelope”, and “Giraffe”… very cool.

Anyway, the SN100 we’re here to talk about now is one of their higher-end rides, falling second only to the Gemini mentioned earlier.

Let’s start this review off with a rundown on the top performance specs this e-bike has to offer.


  • 750W, 85Nm rear hub motor
  • 672Wh battery
  • Torque sensor
  • Impressive range
  • Not too heavy
  • 330 lb payload capacity
  • 5 levels of PAS
  • 7-speed shifter
  • 26″ x 4″ tires
  • Hydraulic disc brakes
  • Front suspension fork
  • Integrated headlight
  • Rear rack
  • Fenders
  • Phone mount
  • Reasonable price


  • Only comes in one size
  • Likely too large for riders under 5’8″


Considering the SN100 is listed as an electric hunting bike, we should expect some impressive numbers when it comes to its motor.

I mean, when it comes to hunting bikes, I’m not sure there’s any component more important than the motor because you need power to manage across uneven, hilly terrain.

And unless you know something about hunting that I don’t, these are the areas animals are usually found.

Well, the SN100 doesn’t disappoint.

This e-bike comes with a 750W rear hub motor that can reach a top speed of 28 mph in pedal assist (PAS) mode.

This does make the SN100 a Class III e-bike, but it can also be used as a Class II bike if you find yourself riding in an area where Class III’s aren’t allowed.

At 750W, this bike’s motor is as strong as we can expect in this price range – yes, there are much stronger hunting e-bikes out there, but most of them cost at least 2x as much.

The wattage is important, but it’s also a good idea to consider the motors torque rating as well.

Recall from physics class that torque refers to rotational power and when it comes to e-bike motors, seeing higher torque ratings equates to faster accelerations and better hill climbing capabilities.

And when it comes to e-bikes under $2k, most motors are packing somewhere between 65 – 95Nm (Newton-meters) of torque.

With this in mind, consider that the SN100’s motor can provide 85Nm of torque.

This is impressive for such an affordable hunting bike and it means the SN100 is well-equipped for ascending steep inclines.

Overall, this e-bike comes with a powerful motor and plenty of torque, so it should be able to handle any off-road terrain you feel like exploring.

SN100 26 Inch Hunting Fat Tire E-Bike


You need a powerful motor to tackle rough terrain, but you still need enough battery power to fuel that motor – after all, a proper hunting e-bike needs to be able to get ya there and back on a single charge.

When it comes to comparing batteries, there are plenty of specs you can consider, but most find it easiest to look for the watt-hour (Wh) rating because this gives you a great idea as to the functional capacity of the battery.

Basically, the higher the Wh rating is, the longer you should be able to go between charges (although things like terrain, rider size, and motor usage of course contribute to real-world range as well).

With this in mind, the SN100 comes with a 672Wh (48V, 14Ah) battery.

And according to Vtuvia, this battery is able of getting riders up to 52 miles on a single charge.

Ok, a few things here…

In terms of capacity, 672Wh is pretty average for an e-bike in this price range, so ordinarily, I’d say that 52 mile range is highly unlikely.

That said, the SN100 does come with a torque sensor, which can significantly improve battery efficiency by matching its motor output to your pedaling effort.

So, the fact that this e-bike comes with a torque sensor will certainly improve its range capacities, but the only way to get 52 miles would be to ride this thing on a flat road on PAS level 1 the whole time…

And it’s unlikely any of us would actually use this e-bike this way.

But it’s still impressive to see a torque sensor on a hunting e-bike in this price range and the fact that it may be possible to hit 50 miles on a charge is remarkable.

Overall, the SN100 comes with decent battery capacity, but when paired with a torque sensor, it’s able to offer excellent range capabilities for such an affordable hunting bike.


You can check out Vtuvia’s website for all the exact measurements, but there are a few key observations I wanna make regarding the SN100’s frame.

For starters, I wanna point out that this bike only comes in one option and it’s that of a step-over frame.

And with a stand-over height of 31″, the SN100 isn’t designed for shorter users – in fact, Vtuvia states that this e-bike is best suited for riders between 5’8″ – 6’5″.

This is great for the taller folks out there, but shorter individuals will likely want to consider another e-bike.

It also only comes in one size, so smaller riders don’t have the option to choose a smaller size.

The SN100 is designed for taller folks, but with an assembled weight of 72 lb (and yes, that’s with the battery), it isn’t overly heavy for a fat-tire e-bike.

It also comes with a respectable payload capacity of 330 lb, allowing it to handle larger riders while carrying robust hauls as well.

FYI, the “payload” capacity refers to the total weight the bike can handle – this includes the rider’s weight and any cargo weight on the rack.

Otherwise, the SN100 looks pretty standard for an all-terrain, fat-tire e-bike.

Overall, this e-bike is obviously designed to accommodate larger, taller riders. It comes with a great payload capacity, but shorter users are out of luck.

SN100 26 Inch Hunting Fat Tire E-Bike


Vtuvia’s SN100 is covered by the following warranty:

  • 2 year frame
  • 1 year battery/parts

Ok, a few things here.

Two years on the frame actually isn’t that bad, considering a lot of popular brands (Rad Power Bikes, Juiced Bikes, Ride1Up, etc) only offer a single year of coverage.

And a year on parts is also pretty standard, so I’m not going to complain too much here.

I do want to point out though, that there’s a lot of fine print in their warranty disclosure regarding what parts are and aren’t covered under this warranty.

You’ll have to check out their warranty page for the full story, but basically, only a few components are covered by the full 1 year guarantee (rotors, handle bar tube, throttle, and calipers).

A few of the other parts are backed with 3 – 6 month warranties, but everything else (and it’s a lot of stuff) likely won’t be covered under Vtuvia’s warranty.

This is disappointing, but it isn’t too surprising because this is how a lot of e-bike brands do business.

Still, if you’re considering purchasing the SN100, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to familiarize yourself with their coverage plan.


Vtuvia’s SN100 comes with the following features included:

LCD console- the console is large, brightly-lit, and in color, making it easy to see your speed and other stats while riding.

5 levels of PAS- you get to choose between 5 levels of motor assist, giving you a lot of room to customize your experience during rides. Looking to work a little harder? No problem, set it to a lower PAS level and get a workout in.

Thumb throttle- that said, anytime you want instant motor power, simply hit that thumb throttle and the motor will kick in, regardless of which PAS level you’re currently on.

Torque sensor- I mentioned this earlier, but it’s kind of a big deal, so I figured I’d mention it one more time. The SN100 comes with a torque sensor, which supplies motor power to match the pedaling effort you’re putting in. Pedal harder and get more motor assist, lighter and get less. This means you have to pedal harder to get the full advantage of the motor, but it also extends the available range you’ll get between charges. It’s also rare to see an upgraded feature like this on an e-bike in this price range.

7-speed shifter- this bike comes with 7 speeds, giving you even more control over your riding experience.

26″ x 4″ tires- the tires on this e-bike are large, fat, and puncture-resistant, giving the SN100 everything it needs to ride securely over any terrain you come in contact with.

Hydraulic disc brakes- it also comes with hydraulic disc braking for superior stopping power. This’ll certainly come in handy if descending inclines on the way home.

Front suspension fork- there’s an adjustable suspension fork in the front, allowing you to opt for a more cushiony experience if you like. You can also lock it out if you prefer a stiffer feel.

Integrated headlight- there’s a built-in headlight in the front, giving you ample lighting when riding in the dark.

Fenders- a pair of fenders are included to help keep you clean and dry when riding off-road.

Rear rack- the rear rack is included standard with purchase, giving you a handy place to store cargo when out on a hunt.

Phone mount- and finally, Vtuvia even throws in a free phone mount, which is awesome. When I started riding, i soon discovered how handy one of these mounts is. I had to buy mine separately, but with the SN100, you won’t have to worry about it.


That about does it for everything the SN100 has to offer, but before I wrap this review up, I wanna offer a quick comparison to some of the other top options in this price range.

As I’m writing this, Vtuvia is selling the SN100 for $1799, although you may also be able to find it on Amazon from time to time (at the time of writing this, the Amazon price was identical).

Anyway, I’ll be using this price point to pick the comps.

And the first one that comes to mind is Ride1Up’s Rift, which usually sells for around $1700.

ride1up rift

The Rift isn’t designed as a hunting e-bike, so it’s not in camo, but otherwise it’s a powerful all-terrain bike with great specs and features.

This ride comes with a 750W rear hub motor (95Nm torque), a 960Wh battery, 26″ x 4″ tires, an 8-speed shifter, front/rear lighting, and a built-in rear rack that can handle 150 lb loads.

It also comes in both a step-over and a step-thru frame and the step-thru frame can handle users as tall as 5’1, making it a better choice for shorter folks.

All that said though, the Rift doesn’t come with a torque sensor.

juiced bikes ripcurrent s

Another impressive e-bike that comes to mind is Juiced Bikes’ RipCurrent S, which is selling for $1700 at the time of writing this.

Again, this bike isn’t designed specifically for hunting, but it’s got all the specs and features to handle that if you wanted to.

This e-bike comes with a 1000W rear hub motor, a 995Wh battery, 26″ x 4″ tires, a 9-speed shifter, a front headlight, and an included rear rack.

And like the SN100, it also comes with a torque sensor.

The RipCurrent S also comes in 3 different frame sizes, allowing riders of all heights the ability to find a comfortable fit.

The last comp I want to bring up is Aventon’s Adventure.2, which sells for around $1800 typically.

adventure.2 features

This is another great all-terrain e-bike with loads of awesome features.

Highlights include a 750W rear hub motor, a 720Wh battery, an 8-speed shifter, 26″ x 4″ tires, a 400 lb payload capacity, integrated lighting, and an included rear rack.

The Adventure.2 also comes with a torque sensor and it also comes in both step-over and step-thru designs (plus comes in 2 sizes for each option).

The only thing missing here is the camo pain job.

Final Thoughts

Well, I think that’ll about do it.

After looking at everything the SN100 comes with, I think it has a lot to offer for such an affordable e-bike.

In terms of performance, it comes with a powerful motor and a fairly generous-sized battery, but it’s the torque sensor that really stands out here.

As the above examples show, there are other torque sensor bikes in this price range, but there aren’t that many.

The SN100 also comes with some nice features and I like that it comes with the rack and phone mount included.

The only real downside I see here is that it only comes in one frame size and that size is too large for riders under 5’8″.

That said, I think the above comps show there’s a lot of competition in this price range – although again, none of the comps mentioned above come in camo or are designed specifically for hunting.

So, if you’re looking for an affordable hunting e-bike (that comes in camo), I think Vtuvia’s SN100 is a great choice.

If you’re a shorter rider or don’t care about the camo paint job, you may want to consider one of the comps mentioned above.

Either way, I think Vtuvia has a cool ride here.

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