An Honest Look At Stamina’s Airgometer Exercise Bike [A Review]

Stamina’s Airgometer is a relatively more affordable option to many of the other higher-end air bikes on the market.

And like those other air bikes, with the Airgometer you get the benefit of unlimited air resistance which is dependent on how hard you pedal.

And with both moving arm handles and pedals, the Airgometer can provide a solid full-body workout without taking up too much floor space.

But honestly, the only thing I really like about this bike is its name.

This exercise bike has been plagued with user complaints, mostly performance related, and when you look at the specs, I think it’s obvious there are better options out there.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

In this review, I’ll be going over everything Airgometer related – we’re talking specs, features, warranties, and pretty much everything else you can think of.

I’ll also try to compare this air bike to some of the other top names in its price range to see how it holds up.

After reading, you’ll know everything you need to in order to decide for yourself whether or not the Airgometer is worth investing in.

Off we go.

The Stamina Airgometer Exercise Bike

Stamina is a budget fitness brand that’s been around since the ’80s and apparently, they’re one of the first brands to use infomercials.

Stamina offers a generous selection of home fitness machines to choose from.

They’ve got all the usual suspects, like treadmills and bikes and whatnot, but they’ve recently gotten into Piltates reformers.

Stamina has also patterned with a lot of other brands over the years, like American Gladiator (I used to love that show when I was a kid), Body by Jake, Tony Little, Suzanne Somers, as well as a bunch of others.

You usually find Stamina products through retailers like Amazon and Wal-Mart, but you can buy directly through Stamina as well.

When it comes to air bikes, Stamina offers a few to choose from, but I think the Airgometer is the most popular.

I’d like to give Stamina a shout out for giving this bike a cool name – I love it when brands give bikes memorable names, makes ’em a lot easier to talk about (as opposed to Air Bike 1234).

Anyway, let’s get things started with a talk about how the Airgometer’s resistance system works.


  • Unlimited air resistance
  • Full body workout
  • Takes up little floor space
  • Belt drive
  • 300 lb weight limit
  • Weighted pedals
  • Water bottle holder


  • Small fan
  • Fairly lightweight frame
  • Seat not fully adjustable
  • Simple console
  • Short warranty
  • Many complaints regarding malfunction


The Airgometer is an air bike, meaning it uses air to create the resistance you feel when pedaling.

Unlike other exercise bikes that use weighted flywheels, air bikes have fan blades attached to their flywheels, which spin as you pedal.

And it’s these blades cutting through the air that provide your resistance.

The coolest thing about all air bikes is that the harder you pedal, the more resistance you get – there are no resistance levels to mess with, meaning there’s no maximum resistance.

Which makes air bikes a popular choice for Cross Fitters and other folks who like to do higher intensity, interval workouts.

Anyway, all air bikes have this in common, which means the Airgometer operates in this manner as well.

Something I like to look at though, is the size of the fan.

Even though all air bikes offer “unlimited” resistance, having a bigger fan is still going to mean more overall resistance than a smaller fan.

And that’s because bigger fans are going to come in contact with more air.

All of the top air bikes (Assault Bike, Rogue Echo, Schwinn Airdyne AD7) all come with 27″ fans, which is the largest size I’m aware of.

Now Stamina doesn’t disclose the size of the fan on the Airgometer, but by the images it’s pretty evident that it’s smaller than 27″.

And quite a bit it looks like.

This probably won’t be a big deal for beginning to moderate level users, but more advanced riders will likely benefit from having a larger fan.

The Airgometer does use a belt drive, which is nice when it comes to the noise level, but several users have complained about the belt coming off during workouts, which is no bueno.

Also worth knowing, the fan is designed so that the air is blowing away from you as you ride (unless you pedal backwards).

Overall, like all air bikes, the Airgometer doesn’t come with resistance levels – your resistance depends entirely on how hard you pedal.

Stamina doesn’t tell us the diameter of the fan, but its obviously smaller than the 27″ fan found on elite air bikes.


The fan on this bike is smaller when compared to many of the other top air bikes around, but lets see how the rest of the bike measures up.

When looking at any exercise bike, I always stress the importance of looking at the assembled weight and the weight limit.

These 2 specs give ya a good idea as to how stable or heavy-duty you can expect the bike to feel – especially the assembled weight.

And when it comes to the weight, having a heavier bike is a good thing because it’ll be less likely to wiggle and wobble during use.

With this in mind, the Airgometer comes with an assembled weight of 82 lb and a weight capacity of 300 lb.

82 lb might sound heavy, but it’s actually pretty lightweight when compared to other air bikes.

The Assault Bike Classic, which is one of the lighter elite air bikes around, weighs in at around 95 lb. And Schwinn’ Airdynes and Rogue’s Echo all weigh well over 100 lb.

Ok, I know what you’re thinkin’, all of those bikes are more expensive than the Airgometer, so of course they’re heavier-duty…

That’s true, but Sunny Health & Fitness’ Tornado XL is very similarly priced and it weighs in at almost 99 lb.

My point is, the Airgometer isn’t particularly heavy-duty, even for its price range.

When it comes to the weight limit though, it’s pretty average.

Most air bikes come with a weight limit around 300 lb, so I don’t have any issues there.

It’s also pretty average in terms of physical size, taking up a floor space of roughly 4′ x 2′.

Overall, there are much heavier-duty air bikes in this price range.


Stamina covers the Airgometer Exercise Bike with the following residential warranty:

  • 3 year frame
  • 90 day parts

Ok, so 3 years on the frame isn’t bad for this price range, so no real complaints there.

But 90 days on parts is pretty weak.

Sunny’s warranties kinda suck too, but they at least give us 6 months on parts.

Preferably, I’d like to see a 1 year parts warranty on a bike in this price range, so 90 days falls quite short.

All of that said, cheaper bikes are often cheaper for very good reasons and a short warranty happens to be one of those reasons.

And I’d like to say that users haven’t had that many issues with the Airgometer, but I’m not here to lie to ya – users have had all kinds of complaints about this exercise bike.

Many have complained about the joint where the handles and pedals meet coming loose during workouts and needing to repeatedly be tightened up.

Others have complained about unwanted noises (possibly coming from that loose joint) and things like the belt falling off or other parts breaking after minimal use.

Hearing about all of these performance related complaints and seeing such a short parts warranty is certainly a red flag.


The Stamina Airgometer Exercise Bike comes with the following features:

Digital monitor- this bike comes with a small, simple LCD monitor that shows you the most basic workout metrics, including time, distance, speed, and calories. It isn’t compatible with heart rate monitors and doesn’t show watt output.

Height adjustable seat- you can choose between 10 different seat heights, but you can’t adjust the horizontal (fore/aft) position of the sat.

Weighted pedals- the pedals are large and weighted, which means they’re always be facing the right direction for you to place your feet on ’em.

Stationary foot rests- there’s also a set of stationary foot rests located at the bottom of the handles, which allow you to rest your legs and focus on your upper body during workouts.

Water bottle holder- there’s a place to store your water bottle…hey, hydration is important!


I’ve mentioned a price a little here and there, but I want to spend a little time on the subject before wrapping this review up.

If you go to Stamina’s website, they’ve got the Airgometer listed for $899 (at the time of writing this anyway, prices may’ve chanced by the time you read this).

Please don’t pay this much for this bike – not only are there plenty of much better options at that price point, but you can find this bike for much cheaper on other sites.

At the time of writing this, Fitness Factory and Amazon both have this bike on sale for around $499, which is a much fairer price.

I obviously like this bike a lot better at $499 than $899, but even so, I want to share a few thoughts.

I could see cheaper cost being a reason for considering the Airgometer, but the Assault Bike Classic isn’t that much more expensive.

At the time of writing this, the Assault Bike costs about $700 on Amazon.

I know $200 isn’t nothing, but given the huge difference in quality between these 2 bikes, I think it’s worth considering.

The Assault Bike comes with a 27″ fan, a heavier frame, a nicer console, a fully-adjustable seat, and a much longer warranty.

It also happens to be one of the most trusted bikes on the planet.

I know you have to do what you have to do based on your budget, but I’m just sayin’ I think it makes more sense to save up and invest in a bike that’ll last (because if you end up having to purchase another bike 6 months later, that costs more in the long run).

Final Thoughts

Ok, that’s about all I got.

It’s probably pretty clear by now that I don’t think Stamina’s Airgometer is a very good investment.

And I don’t want to come off like I’m hating on Stamina or anything like that because this air bike isn’t that different from many of the other affordable models out there.

Because in terms of performance specs and features, it’s pretty average for its price range ($499 not $899).

But the Airgometer comes with a lot of unhappy customers.

Plus I think it’s pretty outrageous that Stamina has this model priced at $899 on their website – shameful.

As I mentioned in the beginning, the only redeeming feature about this bike is its cool name – otherwise I think it makes more sense to pass on the Airgometer and invest in a nicer bike (like the Assault Bike Classic).





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