The Complete NordicTrack Exercise Bike Guide – A Comparison of All Models

When it comes to tech-savvy bikes and streaming features, it’s gonna be hard to find a better brand than NordicTrack.

In general, NordicTrack bikes are known for legit performance specs and solid warranties, but it’s their streaming game that catches most people’s eyes.

And now that all of their equipment is iFit compatible, a single membership can be used to access the same streaming features regardless of which one of their machines you’re using.

Pretty cool, but I’m here to talk specifically about their exercise bikes.

In this comprehensive guide, I’ll be going over all the specs and features you can expect to find on their current bike lineup – I’ll also compare the different models so you can see how they differ from each other.

After reading, you’ll know everything you need to in order to figure out which NordicTrack bike (if any) is best suited for your needs.

Let’s get rollin’.

TypeResistanceFeaturesWeight Limit
Commercial S27iIndoor cycle32 lb flywheel
24 magnetic levels
27" HD touchscreen
-10 - 20% incline
Dual-sided pedals
350 lb
Commercial S22iIndoor cycle32 lb flywheel
24 magnetic levels
22" HD touchscreen
-10 - 20% incline
Dual-sided pedals
350 lb
Commercial S15iIndoor cycle32 lb flywheel
22 magnetic levels
15" HD touchscreen
-10 - 20% incline
Toe cage pedals
350 lb
FREE S10iIndoor cycle32 lb flywheel
22 magnetic levels
10" HD touchscreen
-10 - 20% incline
Toe cage pedals
350 lb
Commercial VU29Upright bike19 lb flywheel
24 magnetic levels
14" HD touchscreen
325 lb
Commercial VU19Upright bike19 lb flywheel
24 magnetic levels
7" HD touchscreen
32 built-in workouts
Included chest strap
325 lb
Commercial R35Recumbent bike25 lb flywheel
26 magnetic levels
14" HD touchscreen
One-touch controls
350 lb
Commercial VR25Recumbent bike25 lb flywheel
26 magnetic levels
7" HD touchscreen
35 built-in workouts
Included chest strap
350 lb
Commercial VR21Recumbent bike20 lb flywheel
25 magnetic levels
5" LCD
32 built-in workouts
350 lb

NordicTrack 101

NordicTrack’s one of those brands I’m guessing we all know.

We might not’ve all owned one before, but I’m guessing we’ve all seen their commercials on tv at one time or another or seen one in a friend or family member’s home.

They’ve been around since the mid ’70s and I don’t think it would be exaggerating to say they’ve been paramount to the world of home fitness.

It all started with their original ski machine (which is now called the “Classic Pro Skier” and they still sell to this day), but they branched out over the years and now offer all the classic cardio machines.

As well as a few strength training machines too.

Anyway, as a brand, they’re generally pretty well respected.

It’s true, their customer service is a bit notorious for being…well…kinda awful, but to be fair, most large fitness brands deal with a similar reputation.

When it comes to their bikes themselves, expect to see pretty impressive performance specs, but not necessarily the most impressive for their respective price ranges.

In other words, when it comes to flywheel weights, resistance levels, and heavy-dutiness, NordicTrack is ahead of many, but not necessarily at the very top.

But when it comes to streaming workouts, HD touchscreen consoles, and other console features, they’re most certainly leading the pack.

Not only does NordicTrack have the largest lineup of streaming bikes, but as far as I know, no other brand is putting such large consoles on their bikes either.

I mean 27″ is massive.

NordicTrack and iFit are owned by the same parent company (as is ProForm), so this is why all NordicTrack (and ProForm) machines use iFit for their streaming services.

This is convenient if you already own another NordicTrack or ProForm machine because you use the same membership across all models.

iFit gives you access to the instructor-led workouts, but it also gives you access to metric tracking, scenic workouts, monthly challenges, auto-adjust technology, and more.

Most NordicTrack bikes come with a 30-day free trial of iFit and then it’ll cost ya around $39/month to keep using it.

And yes, you can use all of their bikes without an iFit membership, so if you get tired of paying the monthly fee you’ll still be able to use your bike.

But to be honest, I don’t see much reason to invest in a NordicTrack bike if you aren’t planning on using iFit.. but to each their own.

When it comes to warranties, NordicTrack offers the same 10 year frame, 2 year parts, and 1 year labor guarantee for all their equipment.

This is actually a pretty good warranty when you compare it to what a lot of other brands are offering, but there are still brands out there offering lifetime frame guarantees and longer parts warranties (like Sole and Spirit).

Overall though, NordicTrack’s still one of the better moderately-priced home fitness brands around and they’re definitely the top dog when it comes to streaming.

Let’s get things started with a look at their most popular selections – their indoor cycles.

NordicTrack Indoor Cycles

The Commercial S27i

The Commercial S27i is NordicTrack’s newest and baddest indoor cycle to date and it comes with some really impressive features.

The most notable is that massive, 27″ HD touchscreen console mounted in the front.. I mean, yea, 27″… crazy.

This much screen in front of ya might seem like overkill while riding the bike, but it’ll certainly come in handy when doing off the bike workouts (it also tilts and rotates for easier viewing).

Anyway, the huge screen is awesome, but the S27i comes with another interesting feature only NordicTrack offers – the ability to incline and decline.

Yup, this cycle can incline up to 20% and decline down to -10% to mimic the sensation of going up/down hills during your workouts.

Pair this with that giant screen and you’re talking about a pretty immersive cycling experience.

It’s hard to look past the console here, but the S27i is no slouch when it comes to performance either.

This cycle comes with a 32 lb flywheel, 24 levels of magnetic resistance, dual-sided pedals, a fully adjustable seat, fully adjustable handlebars, and a max weight limit of 350 lb.

Oh, and did I mention NordicTrack also throws in a free pair of 3 lb dumbbells?

Overall, if you’re looking for a legit indoor cycle with the biggest console the market has to offer, the S27i might be speaking your language. See full review.


The Commercial S22i

The S22i was NordicTrack’s top indoor cycle up until they unleashed the S27i and it’s still a great bike in its own right.

This was also the first streaming cycle to really give Peloton a run for their money (and probably still is).

Anyway, the S22i is almost identical the S27i mentioned earlier, but instead of coming with a 27″ HD console, you guessed it… it comes with a 22″ HD console.

22″ was actually the gold standard for elite streaming bikes and is the same size as what Peloton put on their original cycle.

In terms of performance, there aren’t any major differences – this bike uses the same 32 lb flywheel and the same 24 resistance levels.

The S22i also comes with all the same iFit features, including the Auto Adjust feature, and it has the same incline/decline capabilities.

This bike also has a fully adjustable seat, dual-compatible pedals, and a max weight capacity of 350 lb.

So again, the S27i comes with a larger, upgraded console, but otherwise, these 2 cycles are pretty identical. So, if you’re ok with a slightly smaller screen, you can save about $500 by going with the S22i.


The Commercial S15i

You won’t find the Commercial S15i being offered directly by NordicTrack anymore because it looks like they’ve replaced this model with the S10i Studio Bike listed below.

But even though it’s been discontinued by NordicTrack, you can still find it through other retailers like Amazon.

And if you’re ok with a smaller screen, you can save some pretty big bucks by going with this cycle.

As the model name implies, this bike comes with a 15″ screen, which seems kinda small compared to the 2 previous bikes, but let’s be real – 15″ is still pretty good for an exercise bike.

Otherwise, this cycle is really similar to the 2 cycles already mentioned.

The S15i is packing a 32 lb flywheel, 22 resistance levels, and comes with the same 350 lb weight limit.

It too offers the same incline/decline capabilities, Auto Adjust technology, and comes with a fully adjustable seat.

The pedals on this one aren’t dual-sided (just a toe cage), but it does come with a pair of free dumbbells.

Overall, if you can find it, the Commercial S15i is still a great deal for a streaming cycle… but I don’t know how much longer it’ll be around. See full review.


The FREE S10i

Image courtesy of NordicTrack

The S10i is NordicTrack’s entry-level indoor cycle and at the time of writing this, they’re “giving’ it to people with a 4-year iFit commitment.

Hence the “FREE”.

This is part of NordicTrack’s “NordicTrack+” program, where you can get certain machines at no additional cost when you agree to an extended iFit commitment.

FYI, 4 years of iFit will cost you $1,872… so, if you got this bike and used it for 4 years, you’d essentially be getting a free cycle.

Which seems like a pretty sweet deal… assuming you’re actually gonna use iFit for 4 years.

And it happens – I’ve been using my Peloton for over 4 years and I’m happy to say I’m still going strong…

But I regress, back to the S10i.

This bike comes with the same 32 lb flywheel found on all of these cycles and it pairs it with 22 levels of magnetic resistance.

The S10i also comes with the same incline/decline features as well as all the iFit features found on the higher-end cycles.

Its weight limit is also 350 lb, allowing it to accommodate riders of all sizes.

The biggest difference here again, is the size of the console – the S10i comes with a 10″ HD touchscreen (I love how simple NordicTrack makes things).

Overall, if you’re confident you’ll be streaming for years to come, the S10i could be a really good deal. See full review.


NordicTrack Upright Bikes

Commercial VU29

NordicTrack’s VU29 is a reasonably-priced upright with some very respectable performance specs, but this is NordicTrack we’re talking about here, so of course it’s iFit ready too.

To be more specific, this bike comes with a 14″ HD touchscreen console that makes it easy to follow along with the instructors and see all stats during workouts.

There aren’t any cool inclining features on the upright models, but the VU29 does come with the same Auto Adjust technology that lets the instructors control your resistance during workouts.

And in terms of performance, the VU29 is pretty solid.

With a 19 lb flywheel, this bike can offer a pretty smooth pedaling motion and with 24 resistance levels, you’ve got nice control over your intensity.

Other features include a built-in fan, a fully adjustable seat, and bluetooth compatibility with heart rate straps/headphones.

It’s also backed by the same warranty all these bikes are covered with.

Overall, at just over $1k, I think the VU29 is easily one of the best upright bikes on the market, especially for people looking for streaming access. See full review.


Commercial VU19

The VU19 is the other upright model in NordicTrack’s lineup and as I’m writing this, it’s selling for well under $1k ($799 to be exact, but I have no idea how long this price will last).

Anyway, if you’re ok with a smaller screen, you can save a lot of cash by going with this model.

To be fair, the screen is quite a bit smaller – at only 7″, it’s half the size of the one found on the VU29.

This is still doable when doing bike workouts with iFit, but it’ll make viewing off the bike workouts more challenging… something to think about.

But in terms of performance, the VU19 is pretty identical to the VU29.

This bike comes with the same 19 lb flywheel, the same 24 resistance levels, and the same 325 lb weight limit.

And it too comes with a fully adjustable seat and all the same iFit features the VU29 comes with.

And if you’re worried about having to make an iFit commitment, you might appreciate that this upright comes with 32 built-in workouts (which you can access with or without iFit).

The VU19 also comes with an included bluetooth chest strap heart rate monitor.

Overall, the VU19 is arguably the better deal between these 2 upright bikes, but it looks like NordicTrack might be phasing this one out, so who knows hoe much longer it’ll be around.

That’s a shame. See full review.

NordicTrack Recumbent Bikes

Commercial R35

That does it for the uprights, so it’s time to move on to the recumbents.

The Commercial R35 is the top dog in this lineup and it’s got a lot going for it – easily one of the best recumbents in its price range.

When it comes to the console, this bike is packing a 14″ HD touchscreen display, making it easy to view everything iFit has to offer.

This is nice, but if you ask me, it’s the performance side of things where this recumbent really shines.

With a 25 lb flywheel, the R35 comes with one of the heavier flywheels you’re going to find on any home recumbent bike, so you can expect a smooth, substantial feel.

And with 26 magnetic resistance levels, you can fine tune your intensity for any workout.

The R35 also comes with a heavy-duty frame and an impressive 350 lb weight capacity allowing it to fit users of all sizes.

Additional features include a cooling fan, one touch controls, and a large seat with built-in lumbar support and a mesh back.

This recumbent is obviously designed for iFit and streaming, but with performance specs like this, it’s one NordicTrack bike that could make a lot of sense even without iFit.

And with an asking price well under $2k, it’s priced to move. See full review.


Commercial VR25

The VR25 is an older model and you won’t find it through NordicTrack directly anymore, but you might still see it available through other retailers (or be able to get your hands on a used model).

And even though it’s been phased out, depending on the price, it could still be a good deal.

The VR25 comes with a 25 lb flywheel, 26 resistance levels, and a weight limit of 350 lb – all of which is quite impressive.

And when it comes to the console, this model comes with a smaller, 7″ HD screen, but the automatic trainer control still works.

This recumbent also comes with 35 built-in workout programs, bluetooth audio capabilities, and an included chest strap heart rate monitor.

In other words, it’s really just an R35 with a smaller screen.

So, again, depending on price, the VR25 could still be worth investing in, but this one’s probably gonna be hard to find these days. See full review.


Commercial VR21

Image courtesy of NordicTrack

We’ve come to the last bike NordicTrack has to offer – the Commercial VR21.

As I’m writing this, the VR21 is still available on NordicTrack’s site, but again, it looks like NordicTrack is phasing this one out as well – so it might be gone by the time I hit ‘publish’.

Is it me, or does it seem like NordicTrack is closing out a lot of their bikes?

I’m not sure what that’s all about, maybe they’re getting ready for some brand new machines (that could be awesome)… or maybe these bikes just aren’t moving the way they want and they’re getting rid of inventory.

Either way, what can ya do?

The VR21 is their lowest-end recumbent to date and you might be surprised to hear that it doesn’t come with an HD touchscreen.

I know.

Nope, this bike comes with a 5″ LCD console that’s pretty basic by NordicTrack’s standards, but it’s still iFit compatible (accessed through your phone or tablet).

The VR21 is pretty legit when it comes to its performance specs though – this bike comes with a 20 lb flywheel, 25 resistance levels, and a 350 lb weight limit.

And with 32 built-in workouts, this is one recumbent that makes sense with or without iFit.

At the time of writing this, the VR21 is going for around $800, which isn’t a bad price for what it offers. So, if you’re looking for a reasonably priced recumbent with loads of workout options, it could be a nice choice.

Just make sure you get it while it still lasts. See full review.


Final Thoughts

There ya have it.

NordicTrack’ a nice brand with some great exercise bikes to choose from and even though most of ’em are designed for streaming, some of the above bikes could still make nice additions even for those who don’t want to use iFit.

But NordicTrack is really best for folks interested in accessing iFit.

This brand is known for their large, HD touchscreens and instructor-led workouts, but I hope the above info shows that most of these bikes are packing legit performance specs too.

I’d like to see longer warranties on some of these bikes, but overall, their guarantees aren’t bad either.

You probably noticed that the performance specs on a lot of these bikes are very similar.

Yup, the biggest difference between a lot of these models is really just the size of the console – so if you’re ok with smaller screens, you can save some serious cash.

That said, if you’re ready to go all-in with the streaming, having a larger screen would make for a more enjoyable experience.

Especially if you plan on using iFit for their off the bike workouts too.

Well, I hope you found this guide helpful (and even maybe a little entertaining). If you have any questions of comments, please leave ’em below and I’ll get back to you shortly.


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